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Offering Bulk Pricing

During the growing season, we offer bulk pricing on much of our produce. Whether you need a bushel of tomatoes, a flat of berries, or a 50-pound bag of onions, we’ve got you covered for all of your canning and freezing needs. Preserve the harvest now and enjoy farm-fresh produce all year long! Please call ahead to your desired pick-up location to place an order for your bulk produce, stores don’t always have these large quantities on hand.

Currently Available

Already PickedPick Your Own
Already PickedApplesPick Your OwnBeans Green
Already PickedApples Honey CrispPick Your OwnBeans Yellow
Already PickedBeans GreenPick Your OwnBeets
Already PickedBeans YellowPick Your OwnRed Raspberries
Already PickedBeetsPick Your OwnTomatoes - Roma and Regular
Already PickedBlueberriesPick Your OwnConcord Grapes
Already PickedBroccoliPick Your Own
Already PickedCabbagePick Your Own
Already PickedCarrotsPick Your Own
Already PickedCornPick Your Own
Already PickedConcord GrapesPick Your Own
Already PickedCucumbersPick Your Own
Already PickedNecterinesPick Your Own
Already PickedOnions YellowPick Your Own
Already PickedOnions RedPick Your Own
Already PickedPeaches WhitePick Your Own
Already PickedPeaches GreenPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers GypsyPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers CubanellePick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers FryingPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers HungarianPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers InfernoPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers JalapenoPick Your Own
Already PickedPeppers PortugalPick Your Own
Already PickedPicklesPick Your Own
Already PickedPotatoes WhitePick Your Own
Already PickedPotatoes White SmallPick Your Own
Already PickedPotatoes RedPick Your Own
Already PickedPotatoes Red SmallPick Your Own
Already PickedRaspberriesPick Your Own
Already PickedSquash SummerPick Your Own
Already PickedSquash WinterPick Your Own
Already PickedTomatoes RegularPick Your Own
Already PickedTomatoes RomaPick Your Own
baskets filled with strawberries

Give Us a Call

Please call ahead at least 24 hours before you want to pick up your order so we can check availability and pull together your order.

Reach Out to the Experts at Mason Farms