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The Best Way to Ensure You Are Getting the Freshest Possible Produce Available

Pick your own is a fun activity for the whole family to be involved in and always leaves you with happy memories “on the farm”. Picking your own also is a great way to save money on our award-winning fruits and vegetables! You can pick your own at our farm in Lake City, PA. The address is 8603 West Lake Road, Lake City, PA 16423. We accept cash, credit, debit, and EBT. Baskets may be purchased for $1.50 or bring your own.

Pick your own open daily from 9 AM to 630 PM Mon-Sat & 9 AM to 600 PM on Sunday at our farm in Lake City. The address is 8603 W Lake Rd, Lake City, PA 16423. Once you arrive, look for signs directing you to the field, or stop at our roadside stand and they will direct you to the fields!

Come try your hand at Mason Farms pick your own fields

Currently Available – Updated 5/30/2024

Pick Your Own
Pick Your OwnStrawberries

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